Medical Arts Pharmacy is a community practice pharmacy located in the Medical Arts Building at 808 E Wakefield in Sikeston, MO.

Kenneth Seiler, RPh, and Richard Logan, PharmD have owned and operated Medical Arts since 1978. You can still find them there today. In addition to Ken and Richard, Chase Deason, Pharm.D, Vic Heisserer RPh, Adam Duncan PharmD, and Tripp Logan, PharmD are continuing the Medical Arts tradition of exceptional patient care.

L & S Pharmacy is a community based pharmacy located at the corner of Main and Marshall in Charleston, MO. L & S has been owned and operated by Richard Logan, PharmD, and Ken Seiler, RPh since 1976.

At that time Richard and Ken purchased Hummel Drug Store, located in downtown Charleston.  The store was later renamed L & S Pharmacy and moved to its current location. Today you can still find Ken and Richard, along with Richard's son Tripp Logan, PharmD, Chase Deason PharmD, Adam Duncan PharmD, and Victor Heisserer, RPh. They are continuing the tradition of exceptional patient care that has spanned over 3 decades.