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We are a community practice pharmacy that offers one-on-one, get-to-know-you pharmacist care.  

Richard Logan, PharmD, Tripp Logan, PharmD, Susan Marshall, PharmD, and Ben Marshall are proud to announce the opening of New Madrid Pharmacy.

Richard and Tripp Logan (L&S Pharmacy of Charleston and Medical Arts of Sikeston), and Susan Marshall (Beauton Drug of East Prairie), combined, have served as independent community pharmacists for over 60 years and are excited to extend their services to New Madrid and its surrounding areas. 

Stop in today to see J.B Small, Caitlin Davis, Kristen Komaiko, and the rest of our friendly, experienced, and local New Madrid Pharmacy team!





 J.B. Small, PharmD



 Caitlin Davis, PharmD



Susan Marshall, PharmD



 Kristen Komaiko, PharmD